Mid-term self-assessment
Early responses to Memento (2000)


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Garret Adams

I appreciate how easy the moodle page is to follow. The grading is clear and easy to locate the different assignments we've done so far.


I appreciate this section of the blog. It is always nice to check our progress and see our grades or what we are missing in the classroom. This is very helpful!

Elida Cabrera

Thank you for making the grading system so easy to follow and for giving in depth feedback on each assignment. It is all very helpful.

Josh Riddell

I enjoy how easy it is to look our grades up and how much of an impact each assignment holds. I have rally appreciated the fact that if an assignment is late that we can talk with Mr. Huston and still get a chance to turn it in. Having the grades readily available and updated makes the mid-term assignment much easier.

Ryan Giles

I like the grading process that you do on Moodle and it is so easy to follow and understand it. Keeps me in track of what grade I have in the class.

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